Yoga Teacher Training Essentials, All That You Will Need For Yoga Teacher Training

Jul 10, 2019

As daunting as it can get, going to your first yoga teacher training has its must-haves. It has pre-requisites and add-ons. Below, we will discuss some of the essentials that are required for yoga teacher training.


You might as well think twice about spending your money on yoga mats but it is a must. It can be tempting to bring a travel mat but it may not give you the cushioning you need when you are spending several hours a day on your mat. But neither would a new mat be compatible with your yoga teacher schedule as it may take some time to break-in which is not exactly ideal when you are already on overload with learning and practicing asanas. You imbue energy to your mat each day you practice on it. Some asanas tend to be slippery like downward dog and standing poses in particular. It is more than a tool employed by a Yogi. An example of isometric contraction is the effort you have to make in order to prevent your hands and feet from sliding away from one another. Hence, it becomes necessary to carry a yoga mat with you while on a yoga teacher training.


Yoga deals with flexibility in a number of cases and hence you must wear clothing which would help you bend accordingly. Some postures like back-bending and one leg bridge-pose require that you stretch your body in certain ways. Yoga pants might actually let you do that at ease. The top tank tops might be easy to work in. Remember not to wear clothes which are tight as they might affect and influence your blood flow to other body parts as yoga needs you to relax your body. Women who attend the yoga teacher training might require to tie their hair in such a way that it doesn't affect their posture while lying down in savasana neither should it bring neck pain because of how tight it is.


While you are on your yoga teacher training, you will be working hard and pushing your body which makes it overheated from the challenge. Sweat is a way of responding to that by keeping your core temperature at a safe and steady level.  Asanas like the downward dog or adho mukha svanasana, boat pose or navasana, four-limbed staff pose or chaturanga dhandasana or the most famous inversion, the handstand or adho mukha vrksasana make you sweat like you are sprinting if done the right way. If you are a person with sweaty hands and feet it might make it hard for you to balance without slipping. It becomes necessary that you carry a hand towel along so that you can wipe off all the body sweat and stay dry during the yoga teacher training sessions.


This might at first seem unnecessary but it is a prop that might actually help you a lot to concentrate. While doing savasana, placing an eye bag over your eyes blocks out distracting visual stimuli inducing more internal experience. They can also release tension from forehead slowing down any mind chatter going on up in your head which is most likely to happen during a yoga teacher training. You can add to it some scent which smells wonderful so as to calm down your central nervous system.


Writing down the processes for future references, taking down notes during lectures and revising them might prove to be helpful to a great extent. You might also want to take note of the inner shifts of emotion that take place while on your yoga teacher training session. To aid personal growth, these notes can help you a lot to observe what was reflected when you practiced a certain asana.


For most of the people, this yoga teacher training session will mark the most hours they have ever spent practicing yoga which might sum up to six days a week. After all the stretching and balancing, you might want a little soothing to help you with the burning sensation in your muscles. It is advisable to carry a double dragon balm or some other similar product which might help the pain in your muscles all over the body.


Practicing yoga during the yoga teacher training session can make you sweat heavily. So there is a high possibility for your mat to get filthy in the process. No matter how hard you try to keep your gear clean, you will find dirt and grime on it. To keep the germs at bay and also to keep your mat smelling fresh, you can clean your mat with a few drops of essential oil. A mix of tea tree oil and lavender serves the purpose and also imparts a wonderful smell to the mat. You can also use an environmentally friendly pre-made mat cleanser.


Above all of what is listed above, you will be in need of a good mindset. Set aside all your anger and stress to sink into yourself and find the glory within you. Peace must come from within and yoga will be the guiding lamp in the dark. It won't show you everything at once, but the light is enough for you to take the next step. If you don't get something right, don't get tensed and most of all don't give up. It all comes with practice while you are dealing with yoga. Immense practice can make you achieve anything.
So are you all prepped up and ready for your yoga teacher training? Unleash all your inner bliss and transcend into the path that yoga takes you to reveal the purest form that lies within you.

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