Knowing The Best Retreat Type That Suits You: Why And When You Need a Retreat

Jul 11, 2019

What is a Retreat?

The need to totally comprehend what a retreat is and how to go to one is what would be considered first. A retreat is as the word implies “re-treat”: re-treating yourself, re-energizing yourself, re-filling yourself. It is a time out from the world, from the rowdiness of life itself. It is coiling back into your shell like a snail or tortoise does, to gather strength and figure yourself out.

Why Do You Need A Retreat?

Having known that, there is a need to know why one needs to retreat. Before you retreat, it is expected that a specific situation prompted the decision to retreat. By knowing the reason for a retreat, a retreat type can be determined. Are you going for relaxation with your friends? Are you going after a severe heartbreak to clear your head? Are you seeking a closer relationship with God? Do you have a big project and you decide to retreat to give it your best? Or is it a trip with a lover? There are tons of reasons why people retreat. We’ll go straight away into the retreat types and what they entail.

The Retreat Types You Should Know

Detox Retreat

This retreat type is very essential in giving the body a physical reset, a complete cleansing of the system which reflects on the outside. It is believed that we are constantly exposed to bad air and irritable toxins in between our daily busy schedule, which when left unhandled, could lead to serious ailments. Detox generally cleanses the organs that leave you lighter, healthier and more refreshed. A detox retreat is a short trip that involves a cut-down of different types of food during the trip and you still get to relax and have fun. This retreat type is best for overweight persons; a 3 weeks detox holiday is really not a bad idea, you get to lose weight and still have fun while at it.

Emotional Healing Retreat

We often face a lot of things and issues at an emotional level. Death of a loved one or having to accept a major failure in your life, stress as a result of work pressure and financial challenges; this healing retreat helps you to retreat by taking care of your emotions and psychologically surviving all the stress you may have gone through in the journey of life. Not being dead and surviving all the pain and hurt is a major signal that all you need to do is retreat and return with a better plan to stand stronger. Staying away from the cause of your pain for a while is a form of releasing your emotions and de-stressing yourself. This retreat type is hence therapeutic.

Couples Retreat

Two persons who are in love deserve to have a time out from the crowd in order to retreat and strengthen the bond they share, far from the crowd, stress, and pressure. The retreat brings the couple together and grants them access to knowing and understanding each other better. The retreating of a couple may also open new doors to something better for both persons. Back to work, pressure, and stuff, you may not be able to make the best decision about your partner. During this retreat type, you think with a clearer mind and it helps you relax and realize the beauty you see or do not see.

Solo Retreat

This is another form of retreat where you go alone and just relax without attaching anyone to your schedule. Everything is done at your time and choice. It provides the retreater with a form of solitude where they can communicate with their inner self and discover light in situations where they never saw headway. It helps you to relax and understand a lot of issues that were clouded by so much physical noise. It keeps your emotion in check and helps you see life from a better dimension. This is a retreat type that involves just you alone with no interferences such as your noisy home, neighborhood or emotions.

Spiritual Retreat

This retreat type draws us closer to our Creator, strengthens the relationship with Him. So, a spiritual retreat helps you focus more on who your creator is and how best to please your creator. During this retreat type, special innermost requests are made based on the deep belief that the creator is able.
It is a time where they also hear from the creator and know his perfect will for them; it is believed by a lot of Christians and other religions that if the creator is not sought before serious decisions of marriage, job, career, that there is high tendency to run around circles and make life-threatening mistakes. A retreat is usually needed to hear the will of the Creator concerning critical issues as aforementioned.

Family Retreat

You know some sayings like “Family over everything”, “Family is all we have got”, “In the end, all we have is family”. There are so many reasons to treat your family as the topmost priority but when you try to make your ends meet and provide for the home as a man or a woman, you lose yourself and the real essence of the family is being threatened and the family grows apart. This retreat type enables a family to be together and re-discover each other by strengthening the bond they share biologically and bringing out the best in each other.
Fathers bond more with sons, mothers bond more with daughters; husband and wife spend more time together. It works for all members of the family.

            It is of utmost need to observe that all forms of retreat help in rebuilding the mind and positioning one’s self towards doing better. A retreat is the break that a lot of persons need from work. It’s the break that would bring you back energized enough to hit a promotion at work. Just one retreat can break your heart away from the heartbreak you have not been able to get over. A million years of advice and connecting with people would not do for you as a retreat can. Going on a retreat makes sure you return as a better person. It is left for you to solely decide what your challenge is and then select a suitable retreat type that suits your current situation. Good luck as you do so!

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