How To Find The Venue For A Great Retreat

Jun 06, 2019



Life is a beautiful journey and every single day we move forward towards our goals and destinations. One has to be responsible of whatever role he/she has to play. The chain of duties that come our way are unavoidable. We have to bear all the ups & downs; success & failure. But everybody should take a break from their stressful lives and spend some time in a different environment. A soothing, calm environment is what is required to pacify the nerves, reduce stress and tension, detox the body, freshen the mind and heal the soul.

How to Choose the Venue for Retreat?

Selecting the Retreat Venue can be a bit challenging since there are different age groups of people in the family. The elderly may want to simply go out and relax to meditation retreats, whereas the youngsters would want a bit of adventure and fun and go out for trekking, surfing retreats etc. All you need to ensure is that the retreat location is a good one where everybody’s purpose is solved. It could be a dance & yoga retreat or a hiking & meditation retreat. If you are going with a big group, you could go on a private retreat else join other small groups. You can read reviews, contact the retreat leaders or take an experienced person’s opinion. The retreats can be chosen in various different countries in case topographical or climatic conditions are to be taken care of. There are retreats for all budgets. So, choose carefully the type of retreat you want to attend, the place and finally your budget.

An Exotic Experience for Spa and Yoga Lovers

Spa is very popular and beneficial for relaxing, polishing up and restoring. It is one of the best methods to really pamper yourself and forget everything else. Various types of massages, yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, sauna, mud bath, etc are included. There are many of spa centers in the world. India is very famous for the thousand years old Ayurvedic therapy. Somatheram Ayurvedic Resort was the first Ayurvedic center founded in the world which is situated in Kerala. Spas are Kerala’s specialty. Rishikesh, Goa, Manali, etc. are few other places popular for spa treatment and yoga training. Thailand is very famous for massage therapy. In China, healing with herbal medicines is very old and well known. Udud in Bali is another destination for spa therapy and having yoga sessions with appealing services and exotic locations. Budapest is famous for its thermal springs whereas Turkey the ancient Hammam or Turkish bath is famous for relaxing and refreshing. Brazil and Costa Rica are very well known for arranging incredible yoga sessions. You can avail yoga sessions in Australia and America as well.

Meditation and Healing for a Calm Soul

If you want to detach from everything, meditation is the best choice. Let go of all the bottled up tension & problems and connect with your inner soul to get an exhilarating experience. Tibet’s and Indian ashrams offer spiritual activities that help in doing so. Ananda in the Himalayas is one of the famous healing places built on a 100-acre estate. Vana Malsi in Uttarakhand is another wellness center. There are many other centers for learning meditation in Kerala, Kolkata, Chennai, and other cities. They also provide massage therapy and counselling. There are different types of classes and courses to select from. China, Thailand, and America have many centers for this purpose. Soong Saa in Cambodia, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, the Buddhist Retreat Center in South Africa, Osho International Mediation center in Pune and Holy Isle in Scotland are the top in the world for learning meditation.

Haven for Nature Lovers

If you are fond of nature and adventures, Nature’s Retreats are the best places to go to. There are many venues that offer additional activities like hiking, trekking, swimming and biking in the folds of nature would recharge and refresh your spirits. While receiving other kinds of retreat therapies, these additional activities will help in energizing. You can go for camping in less popular areas and discover the true beauty of mother earth. It can be near your hometown depending upon the types of camps you prefer or in a different country. The tour should be memorable and reinvigorating. There are so many beautiful places, such stunning landscapes, valleys & hilly areas, adventures in the jungle or relaxing by the beaches. You can decide on anything to let yourself be.

Few closing words

The modern world has become so demanding and competitive that we hardly think about anything other than achieving goals and fulfilling targets. A person can never function properly with a tired and exhausting mind. A few days away from all the work pressure and family duties can make someone a better person. You can only make others happy when you are happy with yourself. So choose a retreat venue and give priority to cure all the invisible wounds. You will definitely feel the transformation. So let go of every boundary and enjoy it.

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