How To Chose A Venue For A Great Retreat

May 21, 2019

Life is a never-ending journey and we all are participating devotedly to reach our destinations. Duties, responsibilities, goals, success, failure and stresses all these sound so familiar, right? Yes, no matter whoever we are or whatever our role is, avoiding this chain is almost impossible. But of course, we want to escape from everything and take a deep breath in a different environment. A soothing and calming surrounding is what we need to pacify our nerves. Lots of work pressure, tension and anxiety hamper the function of our body. Healing our soul is a must to stay active in our hectic life. For that, we need to retreat.

How to choose a retreat venue
A retreat venue is very important and needed to choose carefully. Selecting a venue from various options can be challenging but one should go for their preferences and interests. This is an era of the internet. You can search for your desired retreat venue according to your preferred budget and location. If you are in a tight budget then choose the offseason or wait for declaring some offers and discount. Look at the weather forecast. Before visiting, gather all the information about the center and also the instructor. Go through the reviews and ask experienced persons’ opinions. If you have any confusion then contact the host via e-mail or have a chat. Join in any retreat group in social platform for better understanding and suggestions. One can go for a private retreat or with a small group. Different places offer various options to make your stay worthwhile.

For spa and yoga lovers

Spa is very popular and beneficial for relaxing, treating and restoring. To really pamper yourself and forget everything else, it is one of the best treatments. Messages, yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, sauna, mud bath etc are included. There are many types of spa centers in the world. India is very famous for the thousand years old Ayurvedic therapy. Somatheram Ayurvedic Resort is the first Ayurvedic center founded in the world which is situated in Kerala. Rishikesh, Goa, Manali are few other places popular for spa treatment and yoga training. Thailand is very famous for message therapy. You can find spa therapy and yoga centers at almost every corner, both luxury and budget-friendly. In China, healing with herbal medicines is very old and well known. Ubud in Bali is also one of the best destinations for spa therapy and having yoga sessions. Their service and locations are very appealing. Budapest is famous for its thermal springs and in turkey the ancient Hammam or Turkish bath is famous for relaxing and refreshing. Brazil and Costa Rica are also well known for arranging incredible yoga sessions. You can avail yoga sessions in Australia and America as well.

Meditation and healing
If you want to detach from everything, meditation can be the best choice. To let go all your bottle up tension, problems and connect with your inner soul is very exhilarating. Tibet and Indian ashram offer all the spiritual activities to do that. Ananda in the Himalayas is one of the famous healing places built-in 100-acre estate. Vana Malsi in Uttarakhand is another wellness center. There are many other centers for learning meditation in Kerala, Kolkata, Chennai, and in other cities. They will also provide massage therapy and necessary advice. There are different types of classes and courses to select from. China, Thailand and America have many centers for this purpose. Soong Saa in Combodia, Sprit Rock Meditation Center in California, the Buddhist Retreat Center in South Africa, Osho International Meditation center in Pune and Holy Isle in Scotland are great for learning meditation as well.

For Nature lovers
If you are fond of nature and adventure, this is a great opportunity for that. There are many venues offer additional activities. Hiking, tracking, swimming or biking in nature will recharge your spirit. While receiving other retreat therapy, these additional activities will help to energize. You can go for camping in less popular places and can discover the true beauty of mother earth. It can be near your hometown or in a different country. Your tour will be memorable and reinvigorating. There are so many beautiful places such as stunning landscapes in the hilly areas, adventures in the jungle or relaxing near beaches. You can decide on anything to let yourself go.

Religious retreat
This type of retreat is for following God’s path, purifying the soul properly, asking forgiveness and creating awareness against all kinds of sins. To forget all the worst experiences and follow a divine path to fight against negatives. This is a long process and can be performed in many ways. To choose a retreat venue for religious activities you need to gather information to choose the best place. India, Tibet, Thailand, China are the few perfect places for that. Dalai Lama’s Teaching in India is a famous place for a spiritual retreat. Here, Tibetan culture and Buddha’s footsteps are taught and practiced. Auroville, Pondicherry is for self-concentration and growing consciousness. There is no entry fee but you need to arrange your place to stay. Academic research and volunteering are available. Govinda’s Indian Ashram is built for foreigners who have interests for Indian religion. Zen Mountain Monastery is situated in New York famous for practicing Buddhism. Long and short term training and many events are arranged here. Shekinashram is in the UK famous for representing both eastern and western culture.

Few closing words
The modern world becomes so demanding and competitive that we hardly think about anything other than achieving goals and fulfilling targets. A person can never function properly with a tired and exhausting mind. A few days away from all the work pressure and family duties can make someone a better person. You can only make others happy when you are happy with yourself. So choose a retreat venue and give priority to cure all the invisible wounds. You will definitely feel the transformation. So let go of every boundary and enjoy it.

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