How Health & Wellness Retreats Changes Your Life

Mar 18, 2019

Ever imagined you in a green lush, tropical paradise, surrounded by mountains, chirruping birds, healing sounds of beach waves or oceans? A place free from pollution, noise, traffic, no excess city crowd- just friendly people greeting you with a smile on their face.

No doubt it’s a most relaxing, stress-free environment where you can relax and free your mind from day-to-day stress due to over-stimulation, exertion and exhaustion we’re used to. A health and wellness retreat is the perfect opportunity to transform your life in a positive way while leaving your mind and body refreshed, renewed and reenergized.

Here are 9 ways health and wellness retreats changes your life.

A New Perspective and Mental Clarity

With non-stop commitments at work, family life, daily chores, leaves one stressed and burdened. However, after a holistic wellness retreat through yoga, clean eating and meditation you gain mental clarity of this happening around you and helps you understand things from a new positive perspective.

A wellness retreat keeps you in a supportive environment with fellow guests and staff which actively encourages and motivates you. So, the pile of work and things that annoyed you earlier, now seem like no big deal and you gradually learn to deal with things with a fresh mind and a new approach.

Increase Self Awareness

We often tend to forget ourselves with daily life filled with mundane, time-consuming and hectic routine. Wellness retreats help you to reconnect with your inner feelings and thoughts. It helps you to find yourself again. It is one of the main reason why many are people choosing wellness retreats over usual vacations.

At wellness retreats when you are away from work, your mind is free and you get time to listen to your body, thoughts, and feelings. You align with your inner power through meditation, and you return home finding your true self with a sense of purpose and meaning of your existence.

Makes you Feel More Energetic

Your highly stressed career, family matters, personal health issues eat up a lot of time and drain your energy. It leaves you mentally and physically exhausted, and as a result, many people end up reaching quick fix food caffeine-rich, sugar rich, processed foods.

A retreat with holistic approach sets up a realistic health and wellness regimen to be followed. A healthy change with diet, yoga and some meditation will help you increase your energy, physical and mental well being. It calms up your nervous system and mind leaving you to revive and recharged.

Makes You More Mindful

Mindfulness is therapy for the mind, body, and soul. During your retreat program, you take time to know your inner self and feelings live in the present movement, not judging anyone with any negative feelings towards others. It helps people with stress, anxiety, and personality disorders.

When you are away from daily life and enjoy yourself in a wellness-based environment, you tend to forget your tensions away and focus on yourself. You live in a present moment with activities like yoga and meditation help you to slow down, focus on your thoughts and feelings without judging them. It teaches you to let go of things you were earlier taking for granted, self- acceptance, and being non-judgmental.

Makes You Lead a Healthier Lifestyle

Embracing healthy activities of a wellness retreat like exercise, eating clean food, meeting new people and meditating will nourish your mind and train your mind to continue leading a healthier lifestyle after the program too.

Healthier Food Habits

A health and wellness retreat detoxifies your body. It encourages breaking a habit of stuffing processed foods such as sugar, alcohol, meat, coffee, dairy and replacing these with nutrient-rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbal teas etc.

The meals at wellness retreats are straight from the farm which is healthy, fresh and nutritious. Taking these food habits back home and incorporating it in your daily diet leads to healthier food habits and healthy lifestyle.

Develops a Positive Attitude

Being on a wellness retreat with yoga and meditation develops a positive attitude. It helps in suppressing negative thoughts of fear, anxiety, impatience, and jealousy which gradually develop emotions like happiness, love, courage, and contentment.

Teaches Gratitude

Gratitude is being thankful for what you have. It’s all about consciously making efforts for what you are grateful for and thanking people in your life can improve your physical and psychological health. It enhances empathy towards others and reduces aggression. It makes you a happy person, grow positive relationships, and helps you sleep better.

Helps in Weight loss

 On a holistic wellness retreat with yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, ayurvedic spa, and healthy food diets, extra fat begins to melt off naturally.

Yoga combined with meditation, herbal medicines, ayurvedic massages, herbal sauna, and healthy diet detoxifies and cleanses the body’s toxins and helps repair a digestive system. Practising and continuing these habits when you go home after a retreat program detoxifies your mind and body, boosts metabolism and fix digestive issues in day-to-day life.

 So, next time you feel the urge to escape from life to unwind and recharge yourself, go on a wellness retreat which leaves your soul and body recharged and refreshed.

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