There Are Many Yoga Poses For Women, But These Are Our Favourite!

Mar 09, 2019

In most of the yoga classes, we can probably count the number of mats occupied by men on one hand. That’s because, according to a study, of the 20 million people doing yoga in the U.S. today, 85 per cent are women.

The increasing awareness of health among women is incredible!

The benefits of yoga are vast for women, from improving general health to combat stress, alleviating sleep issues, fighting the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Indeed the benefits are seemingly endless. Even our favourite celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, and Venessa Hudgens are doing yoga, and we have got the right inspiration! But it never quite stuck because some of us haven’t found the best type of yoga for us!

So get ready to stretch away tense vibes with some key yoga poses.

Strike a Pose With Sun Salutations

In the hustle and bustle of playing different roles and taking care of others, we hardly get the time to take care of ourselves. We must remember that before any other being, we are an individual. And with a few minutes of Surya Namaskar, we can give ourselves the love, care, and priority we deserve.

The Pose: Each round of the sun salutation has 2 sets. Each set has 12 yoga poses which are performed in a sequence. These yoga poses are repeated in the same manner to complete the second half. There are several versions of doing sun salutations; it is the best to stick to one particular sequence and practice it regularly for best results.


  • Strengthens joints and muscles leading to better functioning of vital organs of the body.
  • Cures insomnia which is the most prevalent problem among young women these days.
  • Rewards with glowing and radiant skin.
  • Cures the irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Balances the three main constitutions of the body: vatta, pitta, and kapha.

Say Om to a Calm New You With Yoga Nidra

The head of yoga at Raw Press, Lily Silverton says “Yoga Nidra can help release muscle tension, lower blood pressure, regulate breathing … Excellent for soothing racing minds pre-sleep.” (Source-

Yoga Nidra for women helps with enhancing creativity and productivity and improve sleep and general health. Systematic and guided meditation, Yoga Nidra is based on the koshas, the five layers of who we are that work through the physical, energetic, wisdom, emotional, and 'bliss' body. Nidra practices paired up with gentle, restorative, or yin practices can be a perfect end to a day.

The Pose: Yoga Nidra is a simple practice where you will be guided through several stages of relaxed awareness. It promises the equivalent of the two hours of deep sleep in one 30- minute practice. The focus is on the awareness of breath, bodily sensations, emotions, and thoughts. It does not involve any yoga postures or traditional seated meditation. Unlike other forms of meditation, Yoga Nidra asks you to let go simply.


  • Yoga Nidra helps to fight the stressors which make our nervous system weary and unbalanced.
  • Practising before bedtime can help us switch from the day just gone, and transition us into resting mode.
  • Helps fighting anxiety, makes it easier to relax into, and stop those racing thoughts.
  • Easily accessible to all the age groups, newbies to yoga, and seasoned practitioners.
  • Enjoyable when indulging in self-care ritual.

Legs Up the Wall for a Gentle Inversion

Viparita Karini also known as legs up the wall posture is one of the most nourishing, grounding, and calming poses. The word viparita means “inverted” and karani means “in action”. Though many inversions are not beginner’s poses, this pose can be safely practised by those new to yoga. It can be started just by setting up a cosy space around the wall.

The Pose: The pose should be enough to hold the legs firmly and vertically in place. Keep the buttocks close to the wall, legs vertical, and then lay on your back on the floor and check if the body is symmetrical. Allow the shoulders to relax and soften. Keep the back of the neck straight and tune into the rhythm of your breath. Stay here for up to 10 minutes and breathe deeply through the whole body.


  • Elevating the legs increases the blood circulation towards the upper body and head.
  • The pose is refreshing if you are stressed, fatigued, or jet lagged.
  • The pose will teach experientially that positive results can come from doing less, not more.
  • It can be therapeutic after flying, physical activity or from the detrimental effects of sitting/ standing during the day.
  • Relieves the back from mild strain when pressure is released from the spine in a supine position.

Cobra Pose to Lift the Mood

We, the women tend to be natural nurturers, giving a lot of ourselves, especially our hearts. Sometimes life events can leave us feeling hurt, sad, and wanting to close off and protect our hearts. For the ultimate stress and frustration relief, it is essential to invite that extra roar into our lives. With cobra pose or bhujangasana we can be balanced and be stable on the journey of our lives.

The Pose: Lie prone on the floor and stretch back the legs with tops of the feet on the floor. This pose is often performed as part of the sun salutation sequence of a yoga routine. Now keep elbows close to the body by placing hands underneath the shoulders. However, cobra pose must be avoided during pregnancy and in the case of abdominal surgery.


  • Awakens the Kundalini- the divine cosmic energy that fosters self-realisation, charisma, creativity, inner peace, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Coordinates and balances the seven chakras in our body. Brings noticeable transformations in the body, psyche, and attitude of the individuals.
  • Relief from the backache and pain in the neck.
  • The stretch in the front area of the hips during the practice increases the blood circulation in that area that helps in minimising the risk of getting injured.
  • The pose works on every aspect of the body and provides satisfactory results.

Being the source of life on the planet, a woman is the union of all kinds of energy. We advance through multiple phases of life, from childhood to puberty and from motherhood to menopause. These yoga poses mentioned above will help deal with all these phases, changes, and challenges in our life.

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