Benefits of Listening To Music During Meditation

Apr 04, 2019

Do you ever feel that maintaining a mindful pose has become a real challenge for you? Or has it become difficult to sustain this practice because you distract too much?

We think that meditation should be done quietly, sitting in a calm and quiet place, no distraction and no noise. Well, this can be an ideal scene and very much unattainable!  Not impossible. Music is one such medium which helps drain out those other noises and bring your focus inward.
Practising meditation, while listening to music sounds a bit odd. But it has been experienced by many practitioners, and the reviews are quite amazing.

Music affects meditation in different ways. Soft and soothing tunes with meditation create a beautiful atmosphere that helps in realising stress. Calming music ringing in your ears will make you a stronger person, and it will generate a calming effect on the mind.

What are the benefits of listening to music during meditation?

Balances Your Emotions  

When you heal a broken heart, meditation when combined with music helps you to balance your emotions. You are in charge of your feelings. Sometimes music meditation creates an atmosphere where you release all your unfavourable emotions and trauma. Nothing can get you off guard.

Reduces Stress Level

Nowadays, working hours have become stressful and exhaustive. Stress has become the part of our lifestyles. To release the work stress, listening to soft and pleasant music while doing meditation, will make you feel calmer and eliminate stress from your life.

Help You in Deep Sleep

It is a well-known fact that listening to music before you are off to bed creates a peaceful zone and quiets the inner turmoil and makes them fall asleep easier. Soothing music while sleeping helps to create a connection with the inner peace and allows you to feel completely secure and enjoy a deeper and restful sleep.

Helps in Eating Better

Meditating while listening to music will help you control your eating habits. It decreases your cravings that will naturally affect your diet. Fasting and meditation can go hand in hand. Fasting redirects the mind and the body in losing weight and makes you feel healthier and happier.

Improves Concentration

Meditating while listening to music will improve your ability to focus. Strengthening your concentration level will help you to be a successful person all your life. Your effectiveness as an employee or as an employer will increase. When you listen to soulful music with full concentration, it creates positive vibrations. Such music activates and elevates your energy level.

Chakras Get Activated

The vibrating energies of chakras get matched with the vibration, energy and frequency of meditation music. By listening to the music your chakras get activated, interconnected and the power of bottom most chakra (Kundalini Shakti) gets a rise.

Deep Meditation
Listening to soft and soothing music will help you meditate better, and it will improve your cognitive abilities. You will be happier and living a fulfilling life. Those who meditate while listening to music find inner peace and happiness within themselves.

Improves Physical Health

The combination of meditation and music will not only improve your mental health, but it will also help you in improving your physical health. When your inner self is strong and healthy, your physical health is strong naturally. When you are not healthy internally, your physical health will not be strong. Music gives you the calming atmosphere which will assist your body in healing and resting. Whether you are suffering from any ache or you are just tired, try this music meditation for a few minutes you will feel fresh and relaxed. The key to good physical health is first taking care of your mental health.

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