Why a retreat doesn’t get enough guests

Jul 08, 2019

Retreats have become quite common these days and the reason is that more people are showing interest in them. But if you are a person who plans to conduct a retreat, then be aware of the fact that a large portion of the overall retreats that take place are not able to find as many guests as they plan for. Irrespective of the type of retreat, the reasons for a retreat not getting guests are common. And if you understand the problems, you would certainly be able to find solutions to them.

1. Planning under stress
This is perhaps the most common problem or mistake that most planning teams commit while organizing or planning for a retreat. This is also the most common reason for a retreat not getting guests. They get stressed out and this would cause them to forget or miss out on a number of things. So it is important to make sure that you hire an experienced team to plan the whole event. Such a team would know what to do at each point in time. Decision making under stress would never be ideal and hence stress should be avoided at all costs. If you yourself is to do the planning, then make sure that you are calm and focussed.

2. Confusion in the registration process
All the retreat programs would have registration processes and guests would have to go through these before starting the retreat. But in many cases, this process would be quite difficult and time-consuming. Hence guests wouldn't be successfully complete the process in time. He or she would also have to spend a lot of time to do the registration which would not be a desirable thing for everyone. Also, such a registration process would also be quite difficult for the organizers to consolidate. Here, an experienced team would know how to make the registration process simple and straight forward.

3. Targeting the retreat
The problem of a retreat not getting guests would be because of the fact that it is not targeted at the right category of people. For example, a religious retreat would not do very good if it is promoted among the young generation only. Also, a sports retreat would do very good if young students are targeted. So the organizers should find a particular category of people that is most suited for the retreat. This category might be on the basis of age, sex, education, etc. This process would make promotions quite easy to do. But unfortunately, most retreats are poorly targeted.

4. Lack of proper promotions
There are a lot of methods that can be used to promote the retreat. But in most cases, all the methods for promotion wouldn’t be used. This would result in many people not knowing about the retreat. The best method is to hire a team that is capable of handling the advertising and promotion works of the retreat. In this new generation, methods like social media and other visual media should be used to good effect, or else a lot of people would go unaware of the program. Also if the retreat is targeted at a particular category of people, then a more precise method should be adopted.

5. A boring schedule
Retreats are programs in which the guests would have to spend a lot of time. Hence it should be interesting. The fact is that most retreat programs would have very boring schedules. And if a guest who has already attended a retreat, he or she would not take the pain to attend another one if the schedule is boring. Also, these guests would not recommend others to attend the retreat as well. This is especially true in religious retreats. So if you are the one who is about to organize such a retreat then make sure that you include interesting games and events in the schedule.

6. Unattractive theme
A retreat not getting guests is quite common. Almost all the retreats that are conducted are forced to start without the required number of guests. And one of the major reasons is that the guests are not attracted to the retreat in any manner. Many people would only be attracted if the retreat has a very good theme. And in most cases, the theme is not attractive. So make sure that a proper designer is assigned the job to make a theme that would attract the guests. Also, a targeted retreat should have a theme that would be appealing to a particular category of people.

7. Lack of proper follow-up
Once the retreat is over, most organizers would not follow the guests in any manner. This should not be the case because in most cases, the same guests would be the ones who would attend the retreat in the future. Also, guests who have attended the retreat are the best advertisement strategy that you have. Mouth to mouth promotion is the best form of promotion. But this is not given any importance by most of the retreat organizers. So as a solution, the best thing to do is to keep in touch with the guests through social media and other methods. Another method is to make a list of the contact details of the guest that have already attended the retreat. Sending newsletters to these guests via email is a very effective method to promote the program. This is also a very cost effective method.

8. Making GOD a secondary thing in a religious retreat
In the case of a religious retreat, the guests would be attending in expectation to have a spiritual environment. But in many religious retreats, the primary emphasis is not on the spiritual facts. Hence, such retreats would not be recommended by the guests to other people. Also, in cases of other types of retreats, the primary emphasis should be on the basic content of the retreat.


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