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About Amayaan

What Is Amayaan?

Amayaan has been launched with the view to introduce a 360-degree approach to wellness and healthy lifestyle. These include physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and environmental well being which are vital for your overall wellness. Our aim is to provide you with an unwinding experience that will change your life forever.

At Amayaan, we understand the importance of good health as well as the secret to achieving it. You will find answers to all your questions related to wellness and healthy living here. We have a vast collection of articles, blogs, videos and music on yoga and meditation, and information on various wellness retreats across the globe for you to visit. Our aim is to help you find wellness and health options which are practical, realistic and easy to follow. For this we have researched and made available a bouquet of products and services to fulfill your needs.

We do realize that a single solution cannot fit everyone’s needs, and that different approach may work with different people. To help you recognize exactly what you need, we have carefully developed a unique tool called “The Journal”, where you can record your daily wellness regime and monitor your progress. It will also help you identify your requirements for physical and mental wellness.