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Who WE Are

Amayaan has emerged from the combination of the words – “Amaya” meaning‘midnight rain’ and “Ayaan” meaning ‘rays of the rising sun’.

We are a team of people like you who believe in physical and spiritual well-being and aim at spreading wellness. Amayaan has been built to unlock the barriers between wellness leaders, contributors and wellness seekers to create a healthier world. We are in the process of making available all kinds of wellness products, services and content for everybody. We have been working our way to build a network all across the globe. We are trying our best to source knowledge from highly qualified health professionals who are working to find the best results. We provide various different kinds of wellness retreats like detox retreats,cleansing retreats, meditation retreats, etc. Our aim is not just to make your retreat experience exhilarating but to bring wellness to you every single day.
Stuck in the everyday battle of work, family, traffic and much more, we have forgotten our forever home – our body. It will be there with us much longer than anything which makes it even more important to nurture ourselves. We at Amayaan help you to attain well-being that is essential for survival.
ealth is said to be a state of the body, however, wellness is a state of being. It is a connection of paths, knowledge and actions. It is not a ‘medical fix’ but a new lifestyle altogether. It makes us sensitive as well as responsive to all the dimensional of the mind body and spirit. Our health professionals help you to achieve the highest potentials by replacing ‘I’ with ‘We’ to convert illness to wellness. We have pledged to pave your path towards wellness.
Let us help in building a new you. The Fit You.

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