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Amayaan has emerged from the combination of the words – “Amaya” meaning ‘midnight rain’ and “Ayaan” meaning ‘rays of the rising sun’.

This word has been designed to define the time of the day that is the best time to meditate and workout. This is so, because, the midnight rain settles down the impurities in the air & reduces air pollution and the rising sun’s rays have a positive effect on the body making it a perfect time to work out or meditate. Amayaan has been launched with the view to introduce a 360-degree approach to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to provide you an unwinding experience that will change your life forever. Amayaan is an initiative with a strong belief to share practical knowledge about holistic needs, the importance of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & environmental well-being and balancing inner & outer wellness which is vital for overall wellness. We, at Amayaan, connect all the wellness enthusiasts across the globe with one another. On our website, '’ we promote wellness retreats, various yoga and meditation centres, blogs on wellness related topics, tips from the experts, wellness videos and music from all across the world. We have made available a bouquet of services, content and products that focuses on well-being rather than on what is available.
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